Monday, February 8, 2010

xo Hearts xo

I'm taking a break from posting old projects to post about new one I worked on this weekend.
I've been wanting to do a Valentines project and as I was going over my Google Reader and ran across the project I tempted this weekend.  Freda's Hive blogged about Random Red for February and mentioned a pattern she had posted a while ago.  Her Valentine Flag/Banner seemed like an easy and colorful project.  So I got all my squares set up, moved my blooming hyacinth to my sewing table for the wonderful smell and started watching Season 1 of Fringe.  (The latter thanks to my boss who lent me the DVDs and keeps insisting I watch...I may be hooked...)

(Sorry for the crooked picture...just tilt your head a little.)

The hearts I made ended up a bit bigger than I was picturing...but that's my own fault for not reading the pattern and realizing what 2 1/2" squares means for final size.  Either way, I really like how they look.  And since I've got a bunch more pre-cut squares, I might be making one or two more this size.  But I suppose there's aways a use for 2 1/2" squares somewhere down the line.

I'm not sure how I want to finish them.  At first I was considering keeping them as two separate squares as wall hangings.  But maybe I do like the vertical banner look also.  First I have to decide if I need another border of white around the heart before a small red border.  I'm also considering embroidering a "B" and an "R" in opposite corners as a little personalization.  : )

(And ironically, as I update this, I'm watching another episode of Fringe where hyacinth plays a roll.)

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  1. They are fabulous. I love them. The thing that energizes me about quilt designs, is that I love seeing my ideas framed differently in people's projects. I love how you have ideas to make this your own. It makes me happy. Thanks so incredibly much Robyn.