Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Jessi Bag

Like I said...I like to make bags.
Lucky for me, I have two sisters to like to HAVE bags.
And they believe in having different bags for different seasons.
For me that means, I get to try out different styles and use different fabrics.  Only problem I have is a limited number of occasions to gift these bags.  Keeps me from getting too carried away I guess.

One of my first official full-on purse was for my sister Jess for her birthday (Apr 2009).  She had a couple of requests on size but otherwise I had full reign.  I really liked the Keisha Bag on Cut Out + Keep, but the size wasn't quite right for her.  The fabric and accents really caught my eye so with that in mind and several zipper tutorials, Jessi's bag was born.

The pattern on the fabric is a navy paisley-like super cute, wish-I-would-have-bought-more floraly pattern.  I was so close to keeping this for myself!  It made me so proud that I even managed to insert a recessed zipper that looked pretty decent.

It's on the smallish side and ended up not fitting the new wallet she got, but overall it was a success.  

I also made her a fabric reversible belt.  One side had the fabric from the purse lining and the other was a fun blue and brown.

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