Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sewing withdrawal...

So it's been a while since I've not only blogged but been able to sew.  Between work, working on work stuff after work at home and doing all sorts of visiting and things, I've just been too beat to do much more than read my blog roll and dream about sewing.  I'm hoping to get in gear and get a bit done this weekend...but seeing as not much was accomplished yet and the house needs a major cleaning...we'll see.

I have stumbled across a couple great new projects.  First, I'm dying to try some hexagons.  I think they'd be great to do in front of the tv instead of being on my computer all the time.  I've seen so many cute projects with them lately and I think there's even a sew-along or two going on.  I've got a head full of ideas for them and I hope I won't have to wait until next fall!  (I just realized we've got a several hour drive to Iowa next weekend...I'd better pick out some fabric and learn how to do them before that!!!)

I also found Sew Spoiled's blog and website.  Does she have some of the cutest things or what?  And she's got excellent tutorials and is beyond generous with them.  I so want to make her Weekender Travel Tote.  Seriously, it's high on my list.

And lastly, my sister has a bday coming up and she'll be spending the summer in Austria as an au pere.  She thinks that having 'nanny skirts' would be fun so I want to make her some for her birthday.  There's kinda a deadline on this project that is quickly closing in on me...I need to do this soon too!  I've been thinking about making summer-y skirts for myself too so at least I have some patterns and ideas ready to go.  I really want to use this fabric from Joanns (which I can't find a pic of at the moment and is being stupid..) for one and since I went back and bought extra, I'll just have to make two.  :)

And I am still working on my t-shirt quilt.  I'm hoping that things at work will normalize and I'll actually have the after work hours to myself instead of for work.  Then maybe I can get a bit of sewing in!