Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quilt 1

I've been meaning to share the story of why I started quilting and the pictures I took along the way.  It's going to take a tad bit more organizing just to the collect the pictures and all so I'll just give away the ending.  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

National Quilting Day

So yesterday was National Quilting Day and I thought what better day to break my posting hiatus than March 20th.  However, no quilting or blogging got done.  My sister was staying with us and we wanted to get some shopping and outside time in (HAPPY SPRING).  Plus, DH and I watched a movie last night after she left which I proceeded to fall asleep about halfway through.  And to top it all off, I am completely obsessed with reading other quilter and sewer's blogs.  My Google Reader (which I adore btw - use it) is very full and always provides me with wonderful pictures, tutorials, tips and of course, links to other quilter's sites that I'm pretty much obligated to add to my Reader - therefore creating a viscous circle that may lead to an intervention from my DH.  Oh well.  : )
I did get a quick sewing project in yesterday however.  My sister wanted to pick up some ribbon to make a headband, but didn't really see any that struck her.  So we decided to raid my fabric stash, find a tutorial online (and in my Quilting Desk Calender) and make her one.
The top fabric is from an Easter basket I made for her last year.  (I'll post about that sometime..)  And she picked a solid purple for the other side so it is reversible.  It's actually super cute and she might be making them for friends for the end of the school year.
I am planning on getting some sewing in today.
(But I unexpectedly have the house to myself and sitting in the sun with a gardening magazine sounds really nice...)

My current project:

This t-shirt has been an idea in the works for a while.  It's finally becoming a reality...slowly.

I also got these cheap solids at Wal-Mart and I'm totally inspired by this Crazy Mom Quilts (who is sadly no longer blogging) bento box quilt.

(Terrible lighting but really they are nice colors...)