Friday, February 5, 2010


I had a wonderful shopping trip to Wal-Mart today.  How often can you say that?

First I saw they had the areca palms I was eying up last month at half price.  They were pretty cheap to begin with and I almost got one as a birthday present for myself then.  But today I really couldn't pass them up.  There were also some larger house plants for sale at pretty decent prices too.  I want big plants but I'd rather get them cheap as babies and grow them up big myself.  Luck was really on my side today.  I eyed up the palms first and chatted with a lady about how it's the perfect time of year to 'buy green.'  I had just about convinced myself not to get one but I was less than two aisles away when I changed my mind and went back for one.  Perfect timing.  An employee was changing the price on the bigger guys from $11 to $6.  How could I leave without one of the beautiful rubber trees?  I have always wanted one and here they were at a perfect price.  So now they're sitting pretty in my house and I hope the cold floor doesn't bother them too much.  : )

Aren't they pretty!!

Just so you believe me and for my future reference, I took close ups of the price tags....  

To top it all off - when I got to the fabric department, I found out that they had a TON of fabric marked down to $1.00 a YARD.  Say what you want about Wal-Mart fabric, but there was absolutely no way I could resist this.  I got a yard or two of 11 different fabrics.  I know that I'm going to use some and ask myself "why didn't I get more?" because these are discontinued patterns.  And I have no specific projects in mind, but what a great and cheap way to add to your stash!  I was so pumped!  And p.s. I made sure to ask the fabric lady if they were getting rid of the fabric section like some Wal-Marts have, but she reassured me that they were just getting ready to put out some new lines.  Whew!

What do you think? (The yellow one at the bottom has purple and green stars on it)

All-in-all a good shopping trip.  I smiled the whole way home.  : )  I'm still not sure I got all the groceries I was supposed to tho...

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  1. And THIS is why we need to hit up Wal-Mart again when we go shopping. I'm jealous.